Building Anticipation

Building Anticipation


submitted by: Jerri Melson


happy birthday building anticipation ideas romanticI love building up anticipation for any occasion!

About a week before birthdays, I email the birthday boy or girl to remind them of the special day. In the following days, I forward a short joke or story, hinting at the actual gift, or the link to the website where I bought the gift.

I also send a card or note via snail mail. I do not send enough emails or cards to constitute stalking, you have to know your recipient!!!

The day of the event, they receive a party box. Included in the medium sized box, are the elements of a small semi-private party. I include things that are appropriate to an office atmosphere.

Depending on personality, I may include a couple childish party hats, matching napkins, plates, toys, candies, etc. For the more ‘mature’, I include more adult themed paper products, etc. Also, I include a small cake, gift and special note.

This way, if the office isn’t the type to celebrate events, the person still feels special without the embarrassment of a flower or balloon delivery. And they have enough to share with a few friends if they wish.