Building Anticipation

Building Anticipation


submitted by: Jason Siikarla


Bouquet for building anticipationI planned a special weekend for my wife and I where we traveled to a small fantasy-style resort to celebrate an anniversary of sorts.  About a month before, I told her to clear her calendar for that weekend, but declined to tell her why.  She was aware that it had something to do with the special day that fell on that Friday, but nothing else.

I reasoned that the mail takes only about 1 day to be delivered when sent from the same city.  Six days before we were to have the get-away, I bought a pack of party invitations.  It was only a couple dollars and contained 8 invitations.

I mailed the first that day, inviting my wife to spend the weekend with me celebrating our love.  I gave a time and place for her to meet me which was not at our home.  The next day, I mailed another giving a little more detail… that she should not expect to be home before Sunday evening, and that she should pack accordingly.  The next day I sent another, including a couple suggestions about what to bring:  a bathing suit, a formal gown, and some miscellaneous items.  The fourth day, I left her a flower on the bed and in the invitation, included a few more items she should bring: an intimate outfit for a night spent alone, an outfit you don’t mind getting dirty, and that underwear is optional for the duration of the trip.

I wanted to keep the destination and activities a mystery, so some of the items were decoys – things she would probably not need.  The day before we left, I sent a large bouquet to her workplace and in the invitation, a piece of a picture of the room we were going to be staying in.