Building Anticipation

Building Anticipation


submitted by: Candi Lindsay


heart 100 ideasWhen there was 100 days left till our wedding day, my husband sent me a bouquet of 100 irises.  The arrangement was so huge the delivery person had to carry it over the cubicle walls to place it on my desk.

He also sent me an email that had these 100 promises:

1.  I promise to be the Christian, spiritual leader of our household.
2.  I promise to grow in Christ with you and seek God’s will for our lives.
3.  I promise to make Christian sacrifices for you.
4.  I promise to remain faithful to you.
5.  I promise to pray with you.
6.  I promise to tithe faithfully and Biblically.
7.  I promise to exhort you as a Christian and my wife.
8.  I promise to forgive you as God forgives us.
9.  I promise to worship in church with you.
10. I promise to be accountable to you, to confess my sins to you.

11. I promise to be with you always, through the good and the not-so-good.
12. I promise to not take our commitment to each other for granted.

13. I promise to truly listen to you (when you feel like talking).
14. I promise to initiate conversation if necessary.
15. I promise to tell you things from my heart, not just superficial stuff.
16. I promise to laugh with you, cry with you, make you laugh, make you…WHOOPS!
17. I promise to remind you how much I love you all the time.
18. I promise to read God’s word with you, and discuss its meaning.
19. I promise to discuss all family decisions with you.
20. I promise to listen to you about your career, your day at work, etc.

21. I promise to pro-actively look for opportunities to compromise my ways to be more like yours.
22. I promise to suggest and discuss ways our family can better serve God by compromising.
23. I promise to look for ways to compromise financially so we don’t get materialistic.
24. I promise to compromise our lifestyles when we have children.
25. I promise to compromise my work schedule to help build our marriage.
26. I promise not to compromise God’s Biblical values.

27. I promise to help raise our children to love Jesus.
28. I promise to do everything within the strength God gives me to bring you home to raise our children.
29. I promise to spend quality time with our children, to be totally involved in their lives.
30. I promise to make sure our children have a great education.
31. I promise to help our children with their homework.
32. I promise to change our children’s diapers (and all that other baby stuff), without complaining.
33. I promise to be right there next to you when our children our born (unless I pass out).
34. I promise to help raise our children to love, respect, and honor their mother.
35. I promise to discipline our children based on Biblical principles.
36. I promise to take our children to church.

37. I promise to hold you as long as you need to be held.
38. I promise to always have a shoulder and a heart to cry on.
39. I promise to rub your back, your feet, your neck, your…
40. I promise to honor you when I’m not even around you.
41. I promise to fix things around the house (and if I can’t, maybe I’ll call your dad?).
42. I promise to give you the marriage and honeymoon you’ve always desired (let me know if something’s missing).
43. I promise to treat you tenderly, with compassion, mercy, and sensitivity (thank you thesaurus…just kidding).
44. I promise to cover you when you’re cold.
45. I promise to take you on vacations, to places you really want to go.
46. I promise to help you reach your potential as a mother, and to reach mine as a father.
47. I promise to satisfy your sexual, physical needs (I know…2 points).
48. I promise to do the yard work.
49. I promise to stand up for you, for us, for our marriage.
50. I promise to kiss you and hug you whenever we leave for work, and when we get home from work.
51. I promise to spend time with your family, to honor and respect them.
52. I promise to take the financial leadership in our family.
53. I promise to help you cook (preferably on the grill).
54. I promise to help you clean.
55. I promise to have fun with you…playing with the dogs, having many more dates, visiting Cookie Monster and Sadie…
56. I promise to always be an LSU football fan. (WOOHOO!)…is it September yet?
57. I promise to play with your hair.
58. I promise to sleep right next to you forever (and get used to it real fast).
59. I promise to let you help me with computer stuff (THANK YOU!).
60. I promise to play piano for you (if you want me to).
61. I promise to learn new things with you.
62. I promise to maintain a healthy, loving relationship with your parents (playing golf with your dad…).
63. I promise to drive (as long as I’m not too tired).
64. I promise to listen to music with you.
65. I promise to take baths with you, to wash your hair, to…(I know, at least 3 points).
66. I promise to build fires (in the fireplace).
67. I promise to never go to bed at night with one of us angry at the other.
68. I promise to never let our marriage get boring or complacent (variety is the spice of life).
69. I promise to kiss your neck.
70. I promise to not embarrass you.
71. I promise to cherish you, your thoughts, actions…
72. I promise to make it easier to submit to me, as I submit to God.
73. I promise to not be selfish.
74. I promise to remain masculine, and to love your femininity.
75. I promise to always show you courtesy…to open doors, to walk slower, to introduce you as my wife…
76. I promise to try to be our children’s hero, and yours as well.
77. I promise to humble myself before God and you.
78. I promise to remain content with the simple things.
79. I promise to make you feel beautiful and sexy.
80. I promise to let you have as many pillows and stuffed animals in the bed as you desire.
81. I promise to respect your “space” and “privacy” as a woman.
82. I promise to clean up after myself (no dirty underwear, socks, towels…).
83. I promise to always look for ways to serve you as your husband.
84. I promise to go back to Disney World together (maybe 2010 or so?).
85. I promise to be “Goofy” and silly, even many years from now.
86. I promise to constantly look for life’s “rainbows” with you, and, as my mom always said, life’s “Merry-go-Rounds”.
87. I promise to remember to put the lid back down.
88. I promise to try better at wearing clothes that match (black, navy blue, what’s the difference?).
89. I promise to shop for cologne and “smell-good” with you.
90. I promise to make love to you.
91. I promise to take charge when necessary, as a Christian husband.
92. I promise to get better at being on time.
93. I promise to make sound, Christian financial decisions, to save money…
94. I promise to take naps with you.
95. I promise to crawl around in the attic for things.
96. I promise to have lunch with you.
97. I promise to send you e-mails.
98. I promise to marry you in 100 days.
99. I promise to still be married to you in 100 years.
100. I promise to SHMILY – Show How Much I Love You!