Building Anticipation

Building Anticipation


submitted by: Amy

dont open letterYears ago I was involved in a long distance relationship.  My boyfriend was coming to visit me in New York after several months of being apart.

Before he left, I mailed him a card telling him how excited I was to see him.  In the card I had a small envelope with instructions not to open it until just before he landed in New York.

He was expecting me to meet him at the airport, although the note in the envelope told him that a driver would be picking him up and to look for someone holding a sign with his name on it.  The driver had another envelope for him.  After being dropped off his hotel, he was to go to the concierge.  The concierge gave him a room key.  At this point he probably anticipated that I would be in the room waiting for him.

Once in the room, he found another note instructing him to shower, freshen up and dress nicely and meet me at a hotel across the street in the upstairs revolving lounge.  Of course, I was going crazy waiting for him, hoping everything was going according to plan, just anticipating him to walk into the lounge.  Finally he did, and it was one of the greatest meetings we had ever had!