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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Jim Dean

Kathy and I have been married for 19 years. We had known each other for 1 1/2 years prior to that as classmates at college. One of the things that I was looking for in a mate was the ability to cook. I had always heard the horror stories of newlyweds and the cooking woes.

To my delight the girl that I was interested in was also the student foodservice manager at the college where we were attending. During Thanksgiving break she fixed a feast for those of us who had to stay around during the holiday. It was great. She could cook a feast for a King. Needless to say I have always tried to provide her the best appliances that I could afford.

Her father always said that you need to have the right tool for the job. She did not like to hear him say that the tools that he had were a piece of junk, so she has always tried to let me purchase the tools that I need and I have also tried to reciprocate the same for her.

For this past Mother’s day we purchased a dual fuel convection oven. We ordered it and it came in on a Thursday. I immediately took off and picked it up and delivered it to the kitchen. I finished installing it that evening. Since then Kathy has been showering me with baked goods. Cookies, cakes, etc., you know that my waistline is fast becoming a greater challenge. Our son, Kyle, who is 8 asked if Dad was going to get a similar sized gift for Father’s Day. He also wanted to suggest that Mom get Dad a video game player. He was sure that this was something that “Dad” would want. Kathy and I both got a big kick out of his comments and reasoning.

Another thing that I have always heard is “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Although this may be true, I have never heard of a man trading up for someone who cooks better. I can also attest that good cooking doesn’t hurt either.