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submitted by: Eric Bachleitner

My sweetheart definitely feels appliances are NOT gifts, and I

However, when we moved to our current house our bedroom was on the top floor. Now my lady works extremely hard and long hours. She has a fantastic routine for getting up in the morning. It begins with her sipping a cup of coffee in bed. I say fantastic because I struggle out of bed and she manages to get up at whatever ridiculous time her load requires for that day.

So, I got a coffee maker with a timer and a stainless steel thermos. Each night we fill the coffee maker with grounds and water. The thermos sits in the freezer all day. On the way up to bed we fill it with cream.

To this day she still remarks what a luxury and treat it is to stumble only a few feet in the morning to get a cup of coffee. The idea of moving the coffee maker to the bedroom just had not come to her.