With Appliances

With Appliances


submitted by: Anastasia Elizabeth Kulpa


romantic appliances ironing braceletOver Christmas, I was working in a mall doing gift wrapping.  We saw some pretty interesting things coming in to being wrapped. We had a woman’s “major” present being a green garbage pail, and the like, but one incident stands out in my mind.

A gentleman, very polite came up to the front desk and asked us to wrap up an iron up very nicely for his wife. I had just finished measuring the paper to wrap this box when he asked about gift tags, as this was to be an important gift to his wife. I told him we didn’t have any and went back to my work. After a few more seconds, he asked if I could bring the iron over to the front for a few minutes, saying that he had forgotten something. I was thinking ‘price tags’ when he pulls out of his jacket pocket a box from the jewelers down the hall.

He opens this box, and pulls out a platinum and diamond bracelet. I was asked to open the box, and take out the iron. He grabbed a few pieces of tape and proceeded to tape the bracelet to the bottom of the iron. The iron then went back in the box, and was handed back to me. The smile was as brilliant as the gift was romantic.