With Appliances

With Appliances


submitted by: James & Alouette

coffee makerA coffee maker really IS romantic! When my husband proposed to me, he knew that my OTHER passion was cooking and in fact liked the fact that with three kids and on my own, that I had turned a chore that many detest into my creative venture for the day. I spent some of my most enjoyable hours in the kitchen, baking, eating, talking and planning. Since he worked in two week shifts, he said that he wanted to put something in it to remind me of himself. This was odd– I was trying to keep my romantic life separate from my kids and he was crashing down my barriers and I had no idea as to what he wanted to put in my kitchen. We went to a kitchen store and looked at a lot of nice things and I was baffled as we looked at things and I decided that I could use a nice set of high quality pans and we left– he said that he’d bring them to me later.

Before he left for his next shift, he brought me a heavy box and a smaller one and said he had to leave early that night– I could unwrap the gifts and he’d call me later. I opened the big present and took out my pans– very nice. Then I opened up the smaller box and it was a coffee maker. I took it out and saw that there was a giant tag in the pot. I took out the pot and got the tag out and it had a sapphire ring on it, the tag saying, “I want to make coffee for us everyday. Give me a ring if you accept this.” and he left his number. I called the number and he answer the phone and I was on a speaker as I gushed my excitement. His family was there to hear my acceptance and they all came over with celebration food and yes, we drank coffee!

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