With Art

With Art


submitted by: Courtney Richardson


romantic star glow in the dark poem love quote ideasThis past October my boyfriend and I had our one year dating anniversary. I wanted to have a really special gift for him on our anniversary so here is what I did.

When we first started dating he wrote me many poems. I of course have a couple of them framed and in my room but I wanted him to have a copy of one.

So I bought the glow in the dark stars, the ones kids hang up in their rooms, and wrote the poem on the stars. I bought glow in the dark paint and wrote one word on each star. The stars are all different sizes so the longer words were on the larger stars and the shorter words were on the smaller stars.

I am not a very arty type of person, my boyfriend has the artistic touch but that was a small arty gift that I gave to him. He then had the choice of where he wanted to put it. Whether it be on his ceiling or one of his walls. He chose a wall where it is now hanging and he can see it every night.