With Art

With Art


submitted by: Erika Bell


romantic couple of lobsters dating art ideasI am a professional artist. I paint happy, colorful, fun & funky paintings. I have painted many paintings of my fiance; he is my muse.  The most important of which however is Margaritaville. (Yes, we’re parrotheads!)  It shows us relaxed in front of a beach sunset sipping margaritas, which is where we would like to be years down the line. He absolutely loved it & it’s his favorite painting today.

But more importantly is the one he did for me. He knows how passionate I am about art & one day he asked if he could paint something too. So I excitedly gave him canvas, paints, brushes & anything else he could want. The finished product is something I wouldn’t exchange for an original Picasso or Cezanne or any other! (We have this thing like Ross & Rachel on Friends. Did you ever see the lobster episode? Anyway, lobsters fall in love & mate for life. So we decided we were each other’s lobsters…seems kinda silly, huh? Anyway, that’s just what we do. But he painted me a lobster & wrote across the bottom of the canvas “MY LOBSTER.”  I guess its really difficult to understand the importance of this to me, unless you knew us personally but I do have a very good point with this…

This gift is more meaningful to me because he took the time to make it. His entire heart is in it. And not only that, but because it made me feel as if he took the time to come into MY world…the ART world. Gifts are always more meaningful when they are planned out & thought about & especially when they are made from the heart.

But over the years, he’s done other stuff, too. Like take me to art galleries and museums, when I know he’d probably prefer to watch a movie. But he TAKES THE TIME TO DO SOMETHING HE KNOWS MAKES ME HAPPY!

I guess that’s the most important thing of all when giving a gift, whether its of art, or anything else. But art is a very special topic (especially with most women!). I’m sure any woman would love any sort of sentimental painting whether childlike or a regular Renoir! As long as its from the heart, who cares what it looks like? After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And my lobster painting is the most beautiful thing in the world (second of course to my fiance!)