submitted by: Jalain Onsgard


romantic lego heart art ideasMy boyfriend was having a lot trouble understanding what “pay attention to me” means.

One day I came home from work and went straight for the computer to check my email like I do everyday. In our office, I have decorated the entire room with “I LOVE LUCY” stuff. Lucille Ball is my favorite!! So, as I sat down to write my daily emails, I saw a big heart made out of Legos with I LOVE JCO (my initials) inside it. I was so flattered.

He took the time to build a big heart to look like the I LOVE LUCY heart and put my initials in it.  It was his way of showing attention and affection and now it hangs on my wall with the rest of my Lucy collection!!  For him, it was a step towards understanding the literal and metaphoric meanings in “building” a good a relationship.