Tips & Ideas

Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Shane Powers


While at college, a buddy and I decided we wanted to go to the Spring Formal Dance that our school was having.  We wanted to do something really creative.

We planned everything out all ahead of time and the asking out proceeded as follows:  First, we asked our unsuspecting prospective dates out for ice cream. We ordered our ice cream but a few minutes later my friend commented that he had left his wallet in my car.  Half way out of the restaurant he asked me to come and unlock the door for him. I followed him out of the restaurant.

We went to my car and climbed into the trunk of my car.  We left the car running and put a note on the steering wheel giving our dates clues on where to go next.  Ahead of time I planned on having my keyfobwith me so I could open up the trunk from inside. Unfortunately, in the excitement of it all, I left the remote on the keychain in the running car.  It was quite unnerving at first.

In the meantime the waitress had given a note to our dates giving them some instructions.  They then came out to the car not having any idea where we were.  They were instructed to go to many different places in the little town we were in.  They went to a gas station and some other local places to pick up all of their clues.  During this time, they were hearing a tape that we had previously made to give them more instruction.  It told them where to drive and when to turn.  It was all quite amusing.

In the end, the tape led the car to the highest spot in town overlooking the whole city.  The instructions had the girls getting out of the car and walking to the back of the car.  All the clues put together had them being asked to go to this dance with us.  At that moment we jumped out of the trunk with roses in hand expecting an answer.  Fortunately for us, all of our hard work paid off and our dates accepted our invitations.