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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Jerry


I used to work for a law firm as a clerk.  I met this woman in bar on Rush Street in Chicago. That night was a story unto itself.  She have me her phone number, but I could not make out the last digit on the napkin.  Hey, she used a felt tip pen, there was beer spilled on the table etc. I dialed the first six digits and tried 3-4 of the remaining digit to no avail.  I thought I had lost the girl.  Then I remembered she told me she worked for Carson Pierre Scott on State Street in downtown Chicago. I came up with a clever idea: subpoena her to a date. So I did just that. I had an attorney get me a subpoena form. We filled it out together:

Gina and Jerry v. The thought of foregoing a great time together

Court No: This is usually several digits long, but I had it correspond to the date of the date.

The form had blank areas that I filled out instructing the time, place etc. One of the lines included an area things to bring to “court.”  This was filled in w/ a well-rested body, a craving for libations and a hearty appetite for dancing the night away!

The next day, during my lunch, I walked into the store, approached the counter where Gina was, she smiled, recognizing me from before, BUT I did not say a word! I merely set the sealed envelope on the counter turned and walked away.

On the night given in the subpoena, at the correct time, I went to the bar specified. I got there about 15 min. early. Gina showed up promptly at 7:00 pursuant to the subpoena. No, I did not have to hold her in contempt of “court” she passed judgment et al. and the rest is history.