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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Wendy A. Tiderman


The guy I’m currently dating was very “technology-driven” in his approach – why not take advantage of today’s technology?

A bunch of folks had gotten together to watch a football game at a local sports club. A guy that was interested in me (which I didn’t know) was observing me looking at my Palm Pilot. He made a comment that he was looking at getting one and asked if he could take a look at it.

I was busy watching the game as he checked it out and he looked thru the “menu” on the screen. Without me knowing, he opened up my date book and made an entry into the next Saturday.

I went back to my office the next morning and was “synching” my Palm to my Outlook calendar. As I looked through the next week’s activities I noticed “Dinner with Daniel” typed into the 7pm slot of that next Saturday night. I was so impressed at his creativity I of course said yes the next time I saw him and we’ve been dating for a while now! Gotta love a guy with a little creativity!!