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submitted by: Jodi Landgraf


I was driving to work and it was a gorgeous sunny beautiful day. (I love those days, it makes my mood soar).

As I was driving in traffic, I noticed a work van behind me with 2 guys in it, and the driver kept smiling, and waving at me. I was smiling back and waving back. This continued on for about 4 miles.

We then came to a traffic light at a big intersection. (He was now in front of me). He got out of his work truck, and had his business card in his hand. He asked me if I was married… I said no. He told me that he thought I was beautiful and had a gorgeous smile that lit up the day, and he said he would love to take me to dinner.

He said “I know you could be thinking I am some psycho, so I won’t ask you for your telephone number, but I will give you my card, and if you would like to meet for dinner, I would love to take you!”

I was flattered, and surprised, and I was thinking to myself WOW! I have got to have dinner with this guy… so that I can get to know¬†what kind of person¬†would have the nerve to get out in rush hour traffic at an intersection and ask me on a date!

So I did. I called him a few days later, and we had a great first date and we have been together ever since. We have a wonderful relationship and friendship and plan to marry sometime next year!