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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Christy Hodder


One of the first dates that I had with my husband, Mark, was outrageous!

He was working at a pizza store.  I found out that he was done at 7 PM from his brother.  I called his manager… his sister… and told her my plot to get an “ok” first.

I waited in my car outside the little store until it was empty with no one at all around. I walked in with a paper bag, with eye holes, on my head and a funny bright florescent orange squirt gun in my hand.  (I made it that color so that there would be “no mistaking” that this was all in fun and that there was no need to try any “Karate” moves on me or to call the police….ha ha.)

I handed him, at gun point,  a note that I made with individual letters cut from a magazine.

It read; “You are being kidnapped my me, an admirer.  Put your hand up and proceed out the back door.  There you will find a blue car.  (I’d borrowed it and he’d never seen it before!)  Sit in the passengers seat and there you will find a clue to  the evening in store for you.

He put his hands up and went out the back door to the blue car.  He had no idea who I was and was ALL GRINS!  Even if he knew who I was he would still have been so surprised and happy.

On the car seat were two tickets to the movies and Ice cream coupons.

I made him sit there for about ten minutes while I freshened up after the bag on my head in the pizza stores bathroom and what a surprised look on his face when I walked around the corner with a big grin looking all cute!