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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: T.R. Cardozo


My future husband had a very creative way he went about asking me out. We used to work for the same company and although we would exchange pleasantries while passing in the hallway, it was never any more then that. After a year of this, we started running into each other at the same health spa, always as he was leaving, I was coming in. I choose the time I did to work out because there was nobody about, I HATE working out in front of people, one day he asked me why I came in so late and I told him the truth. 

The next time I bumped into him at the health spa, we said hello, how was your work out etc., etc. I changed my clothes, went to the treadmill and started to jog, he walked over to me and started to talk about nothing really important, I was a bit perturbed and subtlety tried to get him to go away, by only giving yes or no answers or not responding at all, but he just wouldn’t shut up and go away, finally quite annoyed I said, “You are interrupting my concentration, can we pursue this conversation tomorrow?” He said, “Not unless you agree to go out on a date with me,” and he had this devilish smile on his face, which of course made me realize that he had sabotaged me to assure that I would most likely say yes, just to get him to go away. I asked him if that was true, and he laughed and said he was beginning to wonder if I was ever going to tell him to bug off. With an approach like that of course I had to say yes, and even though our first date turned out to be a date from hell, I was hooked and we have been together for 8 years and married for 4 of them.

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