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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Nicole


Lets face it, we’re firmly entrenched in the information age and should use all the tools available to us. One great feature AOL and probably many other email accounts have is the ability to create more than one email address for an account.

Several years ago I was dating a man rather casually, we kept in touch on a day to day basis via email. I really wanted to secure a date with him on Valentine’s Day but was too shy to ask directly. So I created a new email name for myself or something equally mysterious. I posed as a secret admirer and in that guise was more comfortable sharing some of my feelings and desires, such as my desire for a date on Valentine’s Day. The highlight of both our days would be opening those “secret” emails to see what the other had written the night before. 

He figured out it was me long before our date, but the anticipation leading up to the date was more than worth it.