At Home

At Home


submitted by: Kevin M. Lydy


romantic picnic idea turned differentMy intentions were to provide Jenn with a splendid afternoon complete with a picnic. We would drive out to this nice, secluded field I knew of that rested on the outskirts of town. There were rolling hills all around and the view from this particular spot, though not what one would call breathtaking, certainly outdid the day-to-day views of downtown buildings and street corners.

We were to leave around 3:00 in the afternoon, so the sun was going to be out and there would be no need for a jacket. This what was SUPPOSED to happen.

The day before we were to have our picnic, Jenn called to tell me she had to go home to visit with her ill grandmother (yes, she really was ill). At first I was crushed, but I was determined to follow through with my intentions, even if the way they would be carried out would be slightly different. She did not have to leave until 2:00, so I decided to have her over for about a half hour or so in order to try and salvage the remnants of my idea. I made sandwiches, had sparkling champagne (Asti, if you can call that champagne) and tortes for dessert. I placed all of the food items in a picnic basket.

Now, as I said we did not have the time to GO on a picnic, so I decided to have the picnic at my place. I borrowed a green blanket from my friend and draped it over the couch and down onto the floor. I turned one of my fans on low and had it oscillating across the blanket to simulate the gentle breeze that we would have outside.

Finally, I put on some baroque music for atmosphere. I went to pick up Jenn and brought her back to my place. The smile on her face when I opened the door to our “picnic” will forever be in my memory. I was determined to give Jenn a decent afternoon; her smile told me I had succeeded.