Romantic At Home

Romantic At Home


submitted by: Samantha Christopher


star gazing inside ideasFor Valentines Day last year I prepared the bedroom for my partner returning home from work.

On the ceiling I placed glow in the dark stars, then over the bed I hung a mosquito net. (So as not to make a permanent hole in the ceiling I used a double-sided sticky hook to hang the net) Then I took more glow in the dark stars (small size) and placed them all over the inside of the net, from the top down to where the net meets the bed.

I also stuck the stars onto the outside of the net over those on the inside to help keep the stars on. Then using fishing nylon I suspended, all at different lengths, slightly larger stars (by sticking two starts together with the nylon in between) from the centre ring that holds the net up.

And to finish the setting of, I placed a rose on his pillow.

When you are lying on the bed with the lights out, the different distances of the stars and the movement of those that are suspended, give you the feeling of flouting in space. My partner was amazed by it, we kept it up for months!!! Until the sticky hook fell down….