At Home

At Home


submitted by: M John

man sewingMy macho boyfriend recently gave me the most romantic gift…curtains.They’re romantic to me because of the deep thought behind them and the preparation that went in to making them. You see, he came to my house late one night and observed that one could in fact see through the blinds of my window. I thought the blinds were enough and no one could see in the window. I was wrong…He was concerned.

So, he went to the fabric store and picked out fabric that matched the colors in my bedroom. He could of easily just BOUGHT the curtains. But no, he wanted to make them. Of course, that was more special to me. This great guy spent a Friday night making my drapes. Since he is such a perfectionist, he first ironed the fabric. I watched him with needle and thread as he hemmed the final seams, his attempt at domesticity couldn’t have been more sexy or romantic.

The show of concern and the thought that went in to these drapes are always remembered when I look up at them. And, they turned out really good! Too good on that first morning…I OVERSLEPT because I wasn’t used to the amount of light cut off by my drapes. So, that’s my great boyfriend. Though his friends aren’t supposed to know he can actually sew. It’s just not macho, right?