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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Melaney Jenkins

About 10 years ago I decided to count down the days until my husband’s Christmas Vacation. He works very hard in shipyard in our area, and we both look forward to the 2 weeks vacation the company gives the workers in place of a bonus.

He drives to a commuter parking lot and takes a bus into the next city. For the last week of work before his vacation, I decided to leave a “goodie bag” sitting on the seat of his truck for him to find each day.

I started with his favorite candy bar, then a bag of salted peanuts, and so on. I ended with a bag of his favorite cookies along with one of those coupons books for back rubs and things. We both enjoyed the fun so much I started leaving a “Friday Surprise” every week to mark the start of the weekend — from cold drinks in the a small thermos during the summer to fresh baked cookies.

This worked so well I started leaving my daughter a “Friday Surprise” when she got her license, and started driving to school. Her friends would come over to the car to see what she received every Friday!