At Work

At Work


submitted by: Michael Myers

Businessman offerEver since our first date 31 months ago, I have commemorated the anniversary of that date every month. I bring some treat, that I make myself, to her at work to share with her co-workers, and some small (or large) anniversary gift.

Sometimes it was flowers, once it was a 10 foot by 20 foot poster expressing my love (supported by a frame of sprinkler pipes), or a bouquet of candy bars, or a dedication of a star in her name, or two beanie baby bears holding hands, etc.

The food may be a cake baked for the season (heart shaped for Valentines Day, red for Christmas season, pumpkin bundt cake for Halloween) or just candy, or her favorite: double chocolate walnut biscotti. They haven’t all come out perfect, but she still loved my showing her publicly how much I love her, and her co-workers loved getting the monthly treat! It must have worked – we are engaged!

I really never expected to feel this way, and act this way, at 45 years old! And I don’t intend to stop, it is just too much fun. I deliver it myself – I take my break during the day to rush there and back.