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submitted by: Terry McLeod

The idea isn’t anything new but the way it ended and the way my husband felt, made it extra special.

My husband is an accountant/controller and it is his responsibility to oversee the office staff, which means he works with a number of women.

One day I decided to surprise him, (for no special reason) and have a dozen roses and some chocolates delivered to him at work. It took me the entire morning on the phone, trying to find a florist who would deliver them in a see-thru box with a big, red bow and chocolate (we live in Phoenix and it was summer–roses wilt and chocolate melts!)

They were finally delivered late afternoon and when the delivery driver came through the door with them, all the women started rushing out to see whom they were for (I’m sure each secretly hoping “she” was the lucky girl!) When they found out who the recipient was they were all shocked– PATRICK?????

My husband was tickled at the response he got from the women and the other men in the office were envious! It definitely put a smile on his face!