At Work

At Work


submitted by: Mike Krause


m&m romantic at work special ideaFor our six month anniversary, I made a fancy flyer which read “Top 6 reasons Mike loves Alecia”, and listed some of my favorite things about her.

I listed things such as her creative spirit, she’s sexy, her love of God, & her boldness to stand for what she believes in. The sixth started again, “She’s se…” then changed to, “Um… She’s got a great sense of humor!” I photocopied the fliers in different bright colors and stapled little bags of peanut M&M’s to them (they are our special way of saying I Love You).

Then I went to her work after she was there and put the fliers on everyone’s windshield. One of her co-workers left early in the day, and came back in with the flier, showing her. My girlfriend asked where he had gotten it, and he told her it was on all the cars.

She told me later she was shocked speechless, and then laughed about it for the rest of the day, especially after going out to the parking lot and seeing all the cars. She says she still thinks back about it and how special she felt that day, as all her┬áco-workers asked her about our relationship, why peanut M&M’s are so important, and their “jealousy” of her for her guy. They all refer to me as the “M&M guy” now.