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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Bill Standish

Last Fall Rose and I took a mini vacation to a partially insulated cabin in the woods.  The cabin belongs to friends of ours. It was a great way to connect spiritually, emotionally and romantically.

We had to stoke the woodstove to the max to get the place heated up and, while that was happening, we then went upstairs to rearrange things so that we could sleep closest to where the heat was rising up out of the main room.  To keep things warmer we also had to block any cold air drafts that were coming in through from under the eaves.

Our love nest was situated quite close to the front balcony so that when the moon shone in there was a lovely romantic atmosphere for our times of physical love.  Staying warm was key to our time together, especially at  night.  The roof was not insulated so the fire had to be restoked in the night a couple of times, but it was fun and a great bonding experience.  We used some heavy comforters to keep us undercover, though our noses told when the fire needed some help.

During the day we would read, share our thoughts about our walk with the Lord, and enjoy the quiteness away from the kids.  Meals were kept simple and we used the woodstove to heat some food up when needed.

One day we took a long walk in the bush and down a country road.  We located a waterfalls in which were the remnants of an old mill of some kind.  It was great to enjoy the challenge of climbing down the embankment and around some large rock outcrops, avoiding the slippery leaves that had fallen from the trees, in order to access the waterfalls to get a closer look and take some photos.

Seeing the rusty colours of God’s autumn palette, mingled with the
surrounding evergreens reminded us of God’s faithfulness to us and our commitment to each other to be faithful in our marriage and to our children.

Our time away was a wonderful blend of emotional, spiritual and physical enrichment.  It was provided by the Lord since we could not afford a trip away at the time.  Sure it rained alot and was cold and damp, but the experience was worth the effort.  Spiritually we were warmed and our marriage was strengthened.  What more could you ask for?

Oh yes, one more thing…we did not see a single mouse!