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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Leanne Capozzi

With the fall creeping in and Halloween just around the corner, my boyfriend and i invited my niece to go pumpkin picking with us. it was fun to have a family day and she felt so special. having to contend with her and manage a four year old together was definitely a bonding experience. It is also enlightening to see how the man you want to spend the rest of your life with treats the little ones.

We all worked together carving the pumpkins. My boyfriend did all the actual cutting, My niece got to scoop out all the guts and I was in charge of drawing the faces under strict supervision of my niece. It was a fabulous way to spend day together and if that wasn’t good enough here is the pinnacle romantic moment. My boyfriend carved our two names in the biggest pumpkin. It looks great all lit up and makes me feel special when he can’t be with me at night. everyone who sees it thinks it is just about the sweetest thing.

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