With Balloons

With Balloons


submitted by: Stephanie F.


romantic-cartoon-balloons-dating-ideas-long-distance-collegeMy boyfriend and I had only been dating a few months when he had to leave for college, making our relationship a difficult and long-distance one. Neither of us was prepared, after only 3 months of dating, to be torn apart that way, so, our weekend visits became very important.

The very first┬áday he was scheduled to come home I got the exciting news that I had been accepted to the college he was already attending (Florida State University). So, to both welcome him home and share the exciting news that we’d be together at school in the coming fall I decorated his room with garnet and gold balloons (celebrating the university’s colors). I tied over 3 dozen high-float balloons to his bed, chairs, dresser, closet doors, window dressings, and even a stuffed animal on his bed. Boy was he surprised when he got home at 1 am and his room was filled with my floating garnet and gold love.


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