With Balloons

With Balloons


submitted by: Christa Kiser


romantic-woman-walking-with-balloons-romantic-dating-ideas-truck-carWhen my honey and I first started dating, he lived an hour away and worked the third shift in a factory near his home.  I had become familiar with when he took his breaks during the night. . .12:30 a.m., 2:00 a.m., 4:00 a.m., etc.

He called me on his 12:30 break, and as soon as I hung up with him I started driving down there with a bunch of helium balloons.  I reached his work and tied the balloons to his truck doors and put a card on his windshield telling him that he just never knew where I’d “pop” up.

I then parked in the back of the lot where I had a good view of the doorway knowing that when he’d take his next break around 2:00 that he would come outside (with the rest of his crew) and see his truck tied down with balloons!

He did, and was very surprised and when he walked out to his truck to figure out who did this, I then snuck up and scared him from behind!  He said he’d never had someone do something that crazy and spontaneous for him before!