With A Bath

With A Bath


submitted by: Shelley C.


romantic-rock-dating-ideas-love-bath-tub-idea-heartFor our seven month anniversary, my boyfriend (always the creative one) used my bathtub to make me smile. He locked me out of the bathroom, and after a few minutes, and hearing a few very odd thumps, I saw what he was up to.

He filled my tiny bathroom with candles, and filled the bathtub with water. In the water he had floating candles, shaped like roses, and rose petals, all pink and red. Submerged in the water was gravel , and in the center of the tub was a large rock, about the size of both of my fists put together,  it was polished, and imprinted on the top was the word “LOVE”. 

My boyfriend then told me what love meant to him, and how I had helped reshape his definition of it. We recounted how our love had grown over the months that we had spent together, and took in the atmosphere. I was so proud of him that night, and cherished his love all the more. 

The atmosphere that he had created in my little hum-drum bathroom was amazing, and what had seemed so plain before just glowed. The candlelight reflecting off of the tile made everything look ethereal, and he made it that way for me. The only thing that surpassed this, was the look in his eyes, as we gazed at each other. One of the most romantic bathtub experiences, and I didn’t even get in.