Ideas With A Bath

Ideas With A Bath


submitted by: Shannon Rasmussen


speed boat romantic bathDisneyland inspired our bathtub fun.  While on a family vacation, the kids got really excited about playing with the little remote-controlled boats in the Disneyland Hotel’s marina; my husband was the biggest kid of all. Watching him belly-laugh, an idea formed in the back of my mind:

To recreate the fun we had with those little boats: racing each other, crashing, and giggling hard, I purchased a bunch of those little wind-up bath toys.  One night, after the kids went to bed, my husband and I each claimed three of the little toys.  We ran a hot bath, and had a little fun.  We raced each other,  created obstacle courses, and simply played like little kids.

We kept track of our “wins”, and the loser had to wash the back of the winner when we were done.  Life couldn’t be better – and almost FREE!!