With A Bath

With A Bath


submitted by: Jill B


romantic-bath-tub-dating-couple-ideas-shaving-legsEvery so often my husband and I steal of little private time in the bath. And what started as a practical solution during our pregnancy (we have 6-yr old twins), often continues to drawn us together…

While extremely pregnant, it became next to impossible to shave my legs – and so it wasn’t a priority for me. But a good soak in the bathtub was heaven. (Water relieved the extra weight I carried, and our antique claw-foot tub could hold lots of water.) Though at times I resembled (and felt like) a beached whale, it was a neat time of togetherness as I eased my aches and chatted with my hubby seated close by.

He thoroughly enjoyed watching the children (i.e. my belly) shift and roll. We still comment on the time our daughter (it was her usual location anyway) stretched and kicked me with a movement that “punched out” a good two inches. My husband excitedly asked, “Did you see that?” I reminded him that I not only saw it, but I FELT it as well….)

On one of these occasions, he shared that he’d appreciate me shaving my legs. When the difficulty of this was made apparent, he volunteered to do the job himself. Talk about needing to trust one’s partner!

Long story short: He really enjoys doing this – and takes great pride in his work. It’s become a real win-win situation. He easily reaches what are (for me) awkward angles. He also makes a special point of reaching areas that can “rub him the wrong way” in bed if overlooked (something he’s usually to polite to share with me).

We have a small four-legged, plastic step-stool that fits over the edge of the tub, providing him with a comfortable, front-row seat for the proceedings. He soaks his feet at the same time. We’ve learned one of the kids’ water sprinkler buckets/bath toy does a great and focused job of rinsing the newly shaven leg.

Though this is not something we discuss with the general public, it’s a very special time for both of us. We talk about anything and nothing and just have an enjoyable time together. There’s nothing overtly sexual/sensual; it’s just time spent together without physical barriers, literally.

(Come to think of it, I can remember as a child that Mom would often sit by, chat and scrub my Dad’s back, etc., on those few occasions when he took baths instead of his usual shower. Maybe it’s genetic!)