With A Bath

With A Bath


submitted by: Kim Hudson


romantic-sensual-bath-ideas-relaxing-dating-ideas-towels-leavesWhen asking questions about each other I found out that my man loved baths.  This one single subject constantly comes up in our conversations and we have a lot of fun with it.  Of course, I initially thought it was sexual – but, I have since found out that having baths together provides us with quiet time together and we talk about our day, relax and un-wind.

When buying gifts for him they always include a ‘bath’ item because we both enjoy this time together so much.  It is ‘our time’.  There are so many ‘sample items’ that you can purchase that are inexpensive and always bring forth a smile and a hug.

We always have candles burning, floating things in the water that depict special things between us and only we know what they mean, smelly soaps and of course, we try different types of bubble baths.  We often wash each others hair.  What a special and close time this has come to mean for both of us!

For Christmas I have purchased many items pertaining to our ‘baths’ for him as I plan on giving him 12 gifts – one gift per day on the 12 days prior to Christmas.  One of these gifts are hearts that dissolve in water and what is left is a special message stating how I feel about him.  I have enjoyed shopping for these gifts because I just did not go out and buy him ‘something’ to add to the dust collection but, I purchased things that would mean something to him about ‘us’ and how important he is in my life.