With A Bath

With A Bath


submitted by: Sandra Taylor


romantic bath together ideasFor about seven years, my husband was working out of the country, on a twenty-eight day rotation. He would be gone for twenty-eight days and home for twenty-eight days, while I remained in the states. Due to his schedule, we missed celebrating lots of holidays and birthdays; so, depending on what holiday he had missed, I would decorate our bathroom in celebration of it.

For example, if it were Christmas that he missed, I would put a small tree, pine scented candles and Christmas lights in the bathroom. One year, when he had missed for our anniversary I pulled out all of the cards we had ever given each other, and I put them all over the bathroom. Then while we took a bath I read each one to him.

Easter could be just as fun. I once put love coupons in hollow plastic eggs in the bath with him; they were all coupons that he could collect on right then. This was a tradition that we both looked forward too. We still celebrate holidays this way, even though he no longer works out of the country.