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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Michael Webb

For some, throwing fabulous parties comes naturally. These tried-and-true party planners are known far and wide for their excellent themes, entertainment, and food that seem to appear effortlessly. The secret is not that these individuals were born with a party planning gene. They simply are aware of some of the tips and techniques that can turn a good party into a great one.

Be a Theme Player

If you’re going with a theme party, birthday parties must have themes that not only reflect the personality of the guest-of-honor, but also ignite guests with the desire to take part in the festivities. The ages and interests of the party guests may help to determine the best party theme. If the birthday boy or girl has a specific request, make sure that the theme has enough flexibility to satisfy all in attendance. If the guest-of-honor has no preference, think outside the box. Use the person’s interests, hobbies, and favorite things to determine a unique theme.

Party Like a Boy Scout: Be Prepared

When looking for birthday supplies make sure that you purchase enough for everyone. Include extra plates, napkins, and cutlery for accidents and unexpected guests. Make sure that favor bags are available for all guests, varying the contents depending on the age of the party-goers. Remember that party favors are not only for children. Adults also enjoy walking away with useful, funny, or quirky items that help them remember the day.

Entertain the Masses

During the early stages of birthday party planning, think about the number of guests that are likely to show and the various ways to keep them entertained. For young children, birthday parties are shorter and work best when activities are tightly scheduled with specific activities. As children age, free play is often more desired than rousing games of Pin the Tail on the Donkey. However, parties should still have specific activities available, though setting up stations that children can visit as they please may work better for older kids. Adult birthday parties also need entertainment, though it can be much more relaxed.

To Feed or Not to Feed

Cake and ice cream is a given at a birthday party regardless of the guest-of-honor’s age. However, just because cake and ice cream is standard does not mean that it has to be predictable. Think about other ways of tantalizing guests’ taste buds. Offer multiple flavors of cupcakes or instead of cake, serve pie. Also think about supplying other foods. Even if your party falls in the mid-afternoon when guests are unlikely to expect a meal, finger foods are often appreciated and seldom left behind. Drinks are important as well. The types of drinks should depend upon the age of the guests. Beer and coffee are fine ideas for 40-year-old, but don’t work as well for a room full of toddlers.