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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Linda Hostelley

A few years ago for my husbands 50th surprise birthday party I threw an indoor beach party! It was early in March so it was still cold outside so I jammed up the heat, and told everyone they could only wear beach wear.

Our living room became the ‘beach,’ with towels laid out on the floor, umbrellas, fish and starfish hanging from the ceiling, beach balls all over and the beach boys singing loudly.

Food was served buffet style, filling beach pails (line with plastic)& giant plastic clam shells with chicken, potato salad, etc. Guests used shovels to put the food on their plates. One elderly woman came dressed in a 1920’s bathing suit with hat and all. Others had jams on, bathing suits, they brought their favorite beach music and we even had a dance contest.

We told stories about their favorite car as a teenager, what was their favorite ‘parking place’, and trivia. It was really one of the best parties we ever had.

When it was all over and I was just relaxing in the kitchen after cleaning up, my husband came up behind me and said with tears in his eyes, that, that was the first birthday party anyone had ever thrown him! I couldn’t believe it! It will always be a very special day to us both.