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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Kelly Legge

The first year that my significant other and I were¬† together, I wanted to make his birthday a memorable one. After a lot of thought, I decided to throw him a week-long “Birthday Festival”.

As it turned out, his birthday fell on a Saturday. So starting on Monday, I planned something special for each night of the week. For the first night of the festival, we had a late night picnic on our balcony (we live in an apartment) with some of his favourite foods.

Every night I gave him a small gift. One night I gave him a book he’d been wanting, another night I gave him a c.d., etc. Also every night he got home made, special coupons for back rubs, a “no-complaint” movie rental of his choice, an “up-to-his-eyeballs” bubble bath, etc. I showered him all week with love notes and birthday messages hidden around the apartment.

The last day of the festival I gave him a beautiful (and HUGE!) beer stein with his name engraved on it. That was a “hint” for the grand finale that evening – a surprise birthday with all his friends! We all partied until late into the night.

All of his friends were jealous that he got a week-long festival for his birthday – they thought it was a fantastic idea…and so did he!