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submitted by: Miranda Beech

For my dads 40th birthday, I had planned a surprise party for him, however I waited til the week after his birthday, that way he wouldn’t suspect anything.

I was able to obtain a cabin which usually rents for over $200 a evening at a nearby horse ranch for free, the owner found out that it was my dads 40th birthday, and said that would be his gift to my dad. I catered the event with the help of my friends. During the decorating, my father showed up early. With a lot of my family, and friends from my fathers childhood up to the present time there, I just knew he would know what was up.

He never even saw the huge cake hidden behind the box on a banquet table at the end of the cabin, he just picked up my sons and with the friend of his, that had been left with the responsibility of getting my dad there an hour later, they went riding through the woods looking around at the deer and other animals.

An hour later, with about 100 balloons, catered meal, and a wildlife officers truck cake( my dads job and associated with the cabin, outdoor theme) plus family and friends from the past 40 years, my father walked in the cabin and was the most surprised person you could have ever seen, when he found out it was all for him. That was the only party I have ever known my dad to have for a birthday.

His friend, Kenny, who had been riding with him used the excuse that he had to meet a man about a dog that evening in order to get my dad to the cabin. Now, if you are from South Mississippi, that is the oldest line, but as long as it still works, I won’t complain.