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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Karl Borris

My girl gave me the very best birthday ever. After arriving home from work late at night she picked me up, around 10pm. She had the idea of blindfolding me but she said I might get sick. We arrived about 20 minutes later up in the hills at a wonderful secluded campsite.

When we arrived I noticed the tent had already been put up and there were citronella candles on the table and a Smokey Joe. Before long we were barbecuing marinated ribs, potatoes, and eating peach cobbler over a bottle of wine she brought. She also brought graham crackers and chocolate and marshmallows to make it a true camp out.

As we laid down to go to bed we got to watch the stars and the moon retire for the night as well. If that wasn’t enough, we watched the sunrise early the next morning and she also surprised me by buying me a fishing permit and bringing tackle and poles to go on an early morning fishing trip. When it was time to clean up I noticed that we made 5 trips back and forth bringing all the gear back up, it hit me that she must have done 10 trips all by herself to get this stuff down there! This was my 23rd birthday, and it was by far the very best one I have ever
had. She did all of this and she is only 21, I found myself a keeper!!!