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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Donna Foti

My Sweetie’s birthday is in December…so, it is not easy to be creative for two major events in one month! And, add to that the problem of distance…well…

At the time I did this we were separated by more than sixty miles and we both had jobs, so I could not be with him for the actual day of his birthday. I decided to call a catering shop in his neighborhood, and ask them if they would do a coffee break for him. They agreed and we worked out all the details. We chose the foods and drinks and even the container, which was a beautiful holiday style fabric basket, and they did it all up so special for me.

They delivered right to his desk at work, including a fabric placemat and fabric napkin, and special mug for the coffee! He was thrilled with the thought, and, also the food, since this girl was a gourmet caterer! It was the talk of the office for days.