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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Barbara Boren

Several years ago I was reading the book Bridges Of Madison County.  I wanted my husband to read it but I knew if it was not about fishing he would not be interested.

I went to the book store and rented the audio version of the book.  I told him that I wanted him to  listen to the audio version through a stereo headset.  I said after you listen for awhile IF you do not like what you are hearing you can take the headset off and I won’t say a word.  He listened…….. He like it.  We became Bridges fans.

We went to the movie when it came out.  I think he
really like the love truck that Robert Kincade drove.   We live in Texas and one summer we visited the bridges and toured the house in Winterset, Iowa  where the movie was filmed.

We had our own discussion about adultery,  lust, love, soulmates  and other topics the book generated. Oh how we wish for another book like that one to come along….