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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: April Peters

A couple of years ago I took a weekend trip with “the girls”. We went to Gatlinburg, TN for a weekend women’s retreat. The night before I was to leave I packed my bags and left everything sitting by the door so that I could leave quickly without waking anyone up.

When I got up to leave there was a package wrapped in brown paper on top of my luggage that said “DO NOT OPEN UNTIL TENNESSEE” !! I live in Indiana). Just as soon as we crossed the border I snatched open the wrapping and there was a card
that said He loved me and that he hoped I had a wonderful time and came home feeling refreshed and renewed.

Inside was 4 books that I had passively mentioned, sometime in the past month, that I wanted to read !! It was wonderful !! And ALL of the girls were jealous!!