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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Laura Knouse

One evening when we were staying by ourselves in a beach house, I asked my man if he would read me a story–something I’ve enjoyed since my parents read to me as a child.  Since we both enjoy mystery and suspense stories, he read me some H.P. Lovecraft and I countered with some Edgar Allan Poe.

Not only were the stories entertaining, their creepiness combined with the remote location caused us to snuggle close together as our imaginations began to get the better of us.

Since then, we’ve read through Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None” chapter by chapter across several evenings.  The chapters take on the character of weekly installments that cause both of us to anticipate the next reading together.  It’s wonderful to listen intently to your partner’s voice and let your mind paint the scenes that he/she describes.

As the reader, you are challenged to read the stories in a theatrical way that will entertain your partner.  Now we may move on to some of the more creepy Shakespeare plays–perhaps Hamlet or MacBeth?

Though it’s not as typically romantic as reading love poetry by candlelight, any good story can be a vehicle for unique interaction and closeness.  Especially the scary ones! 🙂