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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Maja Bombek

My boyfriend lived in USA for a year during his studies, it was quite a hard time having him so far, thanks God for e-mails and chats and all these
modern communication possibilities.

I was at the bookstore, looking for a book I needed, when I saw a book, the title of which reminded me of my boyfriend. So I bought the book, of course, but before wrapping and sending it across the ocean, I took a pencil and I wrote “Find a hidden
message!” on the first page. Then I thought of a meaningful quote from a movie we had seen together and both loved it very much. I also included a short loving message.

Then I circled separate letters or words throughout the book that if put together they made that quote, followed by my loving message.

I sent it to him as a gift and as a very special reminder of that special night as well as of the time we’ve seen that powerful movie we had been so
moved by.

He was touched deeply by the present, so the following visit was very very special.