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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Cristen Hammel

Last year when I was pregnant I began reading parenting books.  I skipped the pregnancy books because I am a nurse and know pretty much what to expect when I am expecting. Parenting on the other hand was unchartered territory!

So I set out to find different ways to raise children so I could have several resources to pull from when the time came.  I thought it would be even better if my husband read the same books. So, I would read one and pass it on to him.

He was interested but would much rather read The Far Side or something like it!  So to encourage him I promised different prizes for every other chapter read (I would discretely slip redeemable coupons at the end of every other chapter).

We would discuss what we had read and then we
would go for an ice cream, go for a walk, I would give him a massage etc.  When we finished a book we would go see the monster trucks (his favorite) or a movie (our favorite) etc.  It made reading more enjoyable and it gave us time to talk about what we had read with a little reward to boost!