With Books

With Books


submitted by: Erika Bell


romantic books 5 minutes a dayFor about 3 months, I wrote down at least 3 things that my lover did everyday that made me feel special or let me know in some way that he loved me.  They were as varied as “he called me on time” to “he called me from work to tell me he loved me” to “he surprised me at work and took me out to lunch.”  Some of the things he did were so simple, some extraordinary.  Everyday the lists greatly surpassed 3 things.

I began to write pages and pages of things he did I appreciated every day.  I gave this book to him and he saw just how appreciated he was in our relationship, even though I always don’t take the time to say it.  It brought about an unexpected change in our relationship.  We thank each other for the little things every day now.  And it wasn’t a national bestseller! All it took was 5 minutes out of my day to write his favorite book ever!


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