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Tips & Ideas


submitted by: Jamie McManamon

Military Life can be tough so you always have to be creative to keep the home-fires burning! When my husband and I were still “just dating” he was deployed to Korea for eighteen months! It got very lonely! Not to mention VERY expensive to call each other! So instead we used NOTEBOOKS. Yeah sounds strange but this is what we did….

Jim & I have always been best friends and we were so used to being able to talk to each other whenever we wanted that when he left for Korea we both became depressed. So our solution was books — notebooks & coloring books that is!

Whenever we felt the urge to talk to each other
we’d pull out our notebook that we set aside for love letters. We’d write in it everyday and on the last day of the month we’d mail them to each other.

Whenever we got bored we’d pull out our coloring book and color in it, then we would exchange that too!

To this day we each sill have our raggedy old notebooks and coloring books! We both cherish them dearly and if our son ever asks how we stayed together for so long with a whole ocean between us….we’ll be able to show him how!