Breakfast In Bed

Breakfast In Bed


submitted by: Betty


romantic-breakfast-in-bed-ideas-dinnerMy hubby and I never get to spend a night alone…so one night my mom agreed to take both the kids for the night.

We had a drive-n-movie date and then came home and had a very nice evening. I was in a nice silky nighty and was awaiting for my hubby in the bedroom, he came in with a very special steak dinner for 2.

It had some steak cut into pieces and some nice wine in a green wine glass, beside that was a little love poem reminding me how he loved me so and some of the reasons! Next to that was a big can of whipped cream and some chocolate syrup, which led to some pretty amazing things for dessert!

This to me was very special because it wasn’t breakfast and it wasn’t morning either!