Breakfast In Bed

Breakfast In Bed


submitted by: Taylor Smith

breakfast in bed waitress

For Fathers Day I gave my husband breakfast in bed. I got up extra early and showered and got ready for my new role. I had borrowed a waitress outfit from a friend of mine who works at the local restaurant. The week before on our computer, I made up a menu of his favorite breakfast items. I went to great lengths to make it look like a restaurant menu. Then I stocked up the refrigerator with menu items.

When he woke up, he did not see me in the room but his personal waitress. (Note: I was wearing the apron, panty hose and high heels, nothing else)  He was pleasantly surprised. Lying next to him was a rose and his personal menu. I stood there, listened, and wrote down his order on my note pad. Then quickly worked to make HIS breakfast. While breakfast was being made, I brought him a paper (he never gets to read the paper so this is a treat for him) and a tall glass of his favorite breakfast drink: O.J. on ice.

I served breakfast just as he ordered. I made a little extra for myself. After I served him, in bed, I told him, how attractive I thought he was and I asked him if he would like some company for breakfast. He agreed and we spent the morning reading the paper and feeding each other breakfast. What a very memorable morning!