While House Building

While House Building


submitted by: Joanna


romantic fixer upper house buiilding couple ideasOur first home was already built but it was definitely a “fixer upper.” We were coming down to the last moments before our wedding with no place to live. My husband was still in a studio apartment which wouldn’t work because he had a son which stayed with him every other weekend, and I still lived at home. Finally we found it. It was a rent to own. It had everything we needed yet not everything you wanted in a home.

The orange shag carpet had to go. The yellowed wallpaper with blue flowers had to go. And the cracks in the plaster had to be fixed. There were other things but being a girl with her first home I wanted everything to look nice. Thankfully my husband never complained, he moved on in with no furniture and started working in-between his two jobs.

One night I went over to work on the house while he was at one of his jobs and I walked in and found he had already tore up the ugly orange shag carpet!  Not only that but he had taken the evening off and had a picnic set up for us in what was to be our dining room with the words painted on the walls “I can’t wait to marry you Joanna.”

To this day I am not sure we should have painted over those words but a picture of it is displayed on a shelf in that very same room.